Riverside Car Dealers Offer smart cars & FIAT Models Eligible For Electric Vehicle Rebates

car dealerVisit Walter's Automotive Group, the leading Riverside car dealers to purchase an efficient electric car and to be eligible for the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Rebate Program from The City of Riverside Public Works.

The City of Riverside Public Works Department is pleased to offer the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Rebate Program. Riverside electric vehicle customers are eligible for this $2500 rebate by driving a new 2013 smart electric drive or FIAT 500e.

The Alternative Fuel Vehicle Rebate Program is designed to encourage the purchase of alternative fuel vehicles and to increase awareness of the benefits associated with driving a clean and green vehicle.

Energy efficient cars create significant environmental benefits by reducing the amount of greenhouse gases and smog-forming compounds in the air. The City of Riverside is committed to improving local and regional air quality.

Efficient FIAT 500e Available At Walter's FIAT

car dealerRiverside FIAT shoppers can stop by Walter's FIAT to experience the new 2013 FIAT 500e, to learn why this electric car remains unsurpassed against its competition. A hint: it's advanced engineering and innovative ingenuity help.

You'll still get the sleek Italian styling and the fun ride that you'd expect from a FIAT when getting behind the wheel of a 2013 Fiat 500e, just with far less pollution. It boasts zero emissions!

You can take the first step towards getting one of these eco-friendly new cars of your very own by visiting Walter's FIAT today.

smart center Riverside Features Fun-To-Drive smart electric drive

The 2013 smart electric drive is the "smoothest, zippiest, most head-turning-est smart ever." This is the only electric cabriolet available on the market. The convertible roof can be opened in seconds, even while you're bolting down the highway.

The smart electric drive's single-gear transmission means instant torque and smooth acceleration. The 17.6kWh battery earns a range of 68 gas-free miles per charge combined. With huge windows allowing for 360° view, it's a great way to view the world as you zip around town. Parking capabilities are also a perk, as the smart car squeezes into parking spaces other bigger, less efficient cars can't.

Riverside smart car shoppers can stop in to smart center Riverside to experience the highly efficient smart car, and learn why smart cars are safe, fun to drive, and customizable.

All purchases or leases for which a rebate is sought are subject to the terms and conditions of the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Rebate Program effective April 22, 2013; regardless of application submittal date. All other requirements apply. Rebate applications shall be completed and submitted to the City of Riverside Citywide AFV Rebate Program Representative within 30 days of vehicle purchase.

Contact Walter's Automotive Group by inquiring at http://www.waltersautogroup.com/contact-form.htm to learn more about eligible electric vehicles and the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Rebate Program today.

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